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The Ones Who Live Episode 3- Bye Spoiler Free Review by Joi, Khalilah & Kera

As you prepare to sit down and watch this week’s episode of The Ones Who Live we can only offer one bit of advice…BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS! You are bound to experience a bit of whiplash even with the best preparations.

We already know that Dana (Michonne) has infiltrated the CRM and is attempting to pass herself off as a B. B’s being persons willing to follow, not make waves or create dissension. Our heroine's courage, intelligence, and know-how combine with continued fury regarding the CRM’s evil doings making for an arduous task. Compounded with the fear she glimpses in her husband’s eyes, it pushes her to past efforts of encouragement. His inner fortitude needing restoration for the difficult task ahead. Because- she’s still with him.

Flying under the radar as a B is extremely important, seeing as how an adversary has finally made her unpredicted appearance. We leave off in the previous episode ‘Gone’ with perhaps promoted Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes having broken into Rick’s apartment. Materializing after not seeing Rick for some time, to inform him that she’s aware of Michonne’s presence in the CRP’s Consignee program.

Jadis’ intolerable and borderline sexual obsession is hidden in the guise of an unspoken deal. If Rick were to ever relay his knowledge of her before she traded him, it would’ve undoubtedly blown back on his family in Alexandria (and more than likely its surrounding communities). She took his silence as confirmation they were on the same page even with his prior escape attempts.

Nevertheless, Michonne’s infiltration as Dana prompts a new warning because Jadis is all in with the CRM. If Rick tries to leave with his wife, everyone back home (even the ones she likes ie. Father Gabriel) dies. It’s safe to assume that this exchange will continue in episode three. We will all hope Rick kills Jadis before the strong arm ends, but it’s highly doubtful when his kidnapper ups the ante and acknowledges the couple is a force to be reckoned with.

Rick is deadly afraid of what could happen to his wife if her identity were revealed, which causes him to be extremely, tightly wound. Add to this the timely demise of Lt. Col. Donald Okafor. Rick and Pearl’s dynamic with the loss of their anchor will create an interesting and suspenseful watch.

In episode one, we saw Beale question Rick about Okafor's intentions. We could surmise that he’d done the same with Thorne. Now, there’s a vacant post in the red stripe command that needs filling. Pearl has pointed out her awareness of her and Rick’s differing outlook on Okafor's covert missions. The difference was even more emphasized after her statements regarding the loss of Omaha.  This leaves us to question whether she ends up being a helping hand to Rick in the manner he wishes. Assisting in his pursuit of safety at the CRM for Dana/Michonne or will Thorne become another threat they have to overcome?

There have been a lot of questions and speculations thrown around regarding Pearl’s intentions and whether her unrevealed sexuality could play a part. Some believe she has a crush on Rick and will become the ultimate threat to Michonne. Others think the crush will not be on Rick, but rather on Michonne herself. Luckily, Lesley-Ann Brandt who portrays Pearl, has dispelled the first guess.

But this still leaves some to believe Pearl to be a spy sent by General Beale sussing out the true aim of Rick and his never-ending escape plans. Is she a mole, secretly in love, or rather desires Rick’s complacency to justify her own? Or could there be something altogether different occurring?

With no trusted allies and constant threats, Rick’s not sure where to turn. This setting, while familiar to him, is completely foreign to Michonne, who at times may not understand just how much danger she’s in. Rick, however, is determined to protect her, even if she is confident in defending herself- her only objective, absconding both of them home to Judith and RJ, the latter who she’s yet to have disclosed.

Even with all of this, Rick cannot seem to keep his eyes, hand, or lips, off of Michonne.  And it’s reciprocated. These sensual, well-lit embraces are what the Richonne fandom has waited years for. Passionate, clandestine, and lustful summits bring us and the couple back from the brink time and time again. Declarations of love whether verbal, through acts of service, or personal property display the years-long yearning the Grimes can’t deny. Their expressions of love and desire are more than necessary when strife-filled actions and discourse leave our jaws on the floor.

Weaving a complicated web to ensure his beloved wife’s protection in unthinkable circumstances while Michonne against his wishes proves she’s still a force to be reckoned with. Rick’s in awe while scrambling to keep everything from falling apart. His veiled wounds threatening to open, frighten him to miss her undisclosed ones, widening them.

Whether the two of them can escape together, like Rick promised, remains to be seen. Or will Michonne have to take matters into her own hands, literally?

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