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The Ones Who Live Episode 4- What We Spoiler Free Review by Joi, Khalilah & Kera


In a fantastic turn of events at the end of episode 3- fittingly titled “Bye”, Michonne, long tired of Rick’s erratic and wounding behavior takes matters into her own hands. The originally planned destination of the Harvest Point was meant to get her away from two eminent dangers until she thrust them both from the helicopter during an especially bad storm.

Of course, our two protagonists survive the drop into the water below because they are The Ones Who Live- but will they survive the prolonged drop into reality thats long overdue? They both have been desperate for more than sensual fleeting moments together followed by rage-filled standoffs hidden in corners. Now that Michonne has unbelievably granted them one, what will they do with it?

Opening in a modern apartment with an astonishing waterfront view as the backdrop, we finally see Rick and Michonne alone together- at last. The setting far surpassing environs Rick dreamed about meeting Michonne in but certainly unearthing those longed-for fantasies. Though the advanced atmosphere knocks Rick off balance, paralleling his arrival in Alexandria, Michonne fits right in further displaying his beliefs that she doesn’t belong in the Civil Republic but he does.

However, heated stares are exchanged before Michonne informs Rick “We needed a time out” which has never been more true. Their short moments together since reuniting have been insufficient to work through the multiple layers of rigidity between them. Yet the attracting tension still mounts even with countering frustrations.

Rick holds tight to a disconcerting plan of returning to the CRM and Michonne is adamant that they can return home. Even the revelation of Jadis’ looming threat to destroy their home is not enough to dissuade Michonne from wanting to leave. She will always believe that they can find a way. While Rick is still showing himself to be fearful of the CRM’s ability to find them and possibly kill everyone they care for back home. He undeniably needs his wife safe.

The temptation to use the PRB signaling their location to return to the grasp of the CRM racks Rick. His wife’s pleas combine with his latent hopes, but when he continues to deny the possibility of escape she realizes the threats aren’t the only thing causing his wavering. When Rick Grimes, a man who has always been in search of his family shifts there has to be a reason. Juxtaposition, more than likely Michonne’s trauma from her past lover Mike who caused the death of their son Andre leads to emotional frustration. She’s at her wit's end and must be decisive for not only herself but her children.

A key element relaying the contrast between The Grimes in this episode is wardrobe. Michonne changes from her CRM attire seemingly immediately yet wears her new outfit in an almost incautious manner. While Rick stays in his uniform much longer signifying how deep his programming and trauma truly are. It reminds us to harken back to his memories of his father’s burn scars, emphasizing what Rick believes he also must don to provide his family a future no matter how the truth of his actions may pain them.

Walkers are never far and as we’ve seen in the previous episode, this couple continues to be an unstoppable duo when it comes to taking them down. Ever in sync even when bickering, they must navigate their temporary haven when it becomes just that for numerous reasons. All this must be accomplished while finding a way to reconnect, not just to survive, but finally decide whether they will carry on together at the CRM, part ways, or journey back to their home together.

Michonne’s shell once again cracks when in the presence of the man she loves. It allows us a view of the underlying softness and vulnerability often denied to black women. Upheaval builds a resilient exterior to ward off further damage. But in Rick, Michonne found a comforting landing spot where she was adored, safeguarded, and catered to. Drawn to one another even in discord, the couple indulge in tender, heated, and unrestrained embraces that leave the viewer feeling as though a shameless voyeur.

However, Rick’s recent actions continue to cause Michonne to question if the husband she knows is still in this conflicted man before her. Rick’s escalating repudiations on the heels of consistently staring at her, kissing her, being protective of her, and professing his love leave Michonne bewildered.

Danai Gurira flawlessly weaves in bombshells ushering forth answers for long-held questions from season nine of the mothership show and beyond. The award-winning screenwriter delivers a true progressive conception of the constitutions of Rick and Michonne. Gurira effortlessly scribes the instant connection often unspoken between the couple. Verbalized here is the foreboding dread and despondency, unearthed from glimpses of endearment and intimacy.

Danai’s long-held desire to write for her co-star stemming Andrew Lincoln to methodically lose himself in the portrayal. Gurira’s superb acting capacity also challenged Lincoln’s reactionary prowess to fully unfurl. Together they encapsulate that love is frightening in its power to damage and embolden the soul when acknowledged. Depth of emotion evolves not just with spoken words but with expressions on each actor’s face and person. The duo once again proves they are a tour de force delivering a masterpiece sure to reverberate beyond the realms of this genre.

The Ones Who Live is a television series already worthy of nominations dispelling the notion that the horror category can’t yield skillfully dramatic dimensions. This cinematically crafted episode demonstrates the eruption from those boundaries. Anyone who has had a profound connection with a significant other will be able to submerse themselves into this interlude with a keen understanding of the agony of such a huge decision between two people with immeasurable love for each other.

Sunday night we will laugh, cry, and rage together as we watch The Grimes navigate the almost treacherous choices we have witnessed Rick make in episode 3.

In preparation for this episode, you may want to request a day off from work and take a trip to the store for essentials. Snacks, candles, wine, and a couple boxes of tissue will be your must-haves. In case you find yourself yelling at the TV and throwing things like me, splurge and pick up a Roomba!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This episode was amazing from ptsd to angst back to finding each other and being on the same page Danai definitely needs to write future Richonne episodes she knows their characters in and out. It was an amazing episode I can watch it on repeat and never get tired this is what we were missing from the mothership show


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love spoilers, but I really loved this spoiler free article on my favorite show and characters!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Loved this article! Can't wait for this episode.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m even more excited!Your spoiler free reviews are really excellent. Thank you

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