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The Ones Who Live Episode 5- Become Spoiler Free Review by Joi, Khalilah & Kera

Driving off into the sunset usually denotes a happy conclusion in all forms of media whether, stage, television or cinema. When protagonists have succeeded in their journey with sighs of relief, glad they’ve been rewarded for all their trials and tribulations this is the sign. Just as Chief Content Creator, and Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple stated The Ones Who Live could’ve very well ended in this manner with episode four. But luckily for us we have two more viewings to dive into.

Michonne Grimes efficiently jailbroke her husband, Rick from his mental confines with their emotional and physical connection. An etched cellphone with their too soon departed son Carl’s face the last key to unlock his father’s terrified heart. The teen’s wish for peace, endearment and hope towards a better future arouse the return of The Brave Man. With his supportive and proficient wife at his side, Rick Grimes is ready to face whatever may come their way on their trek home to Virginia.

The penultimate episode of the series will of course deliver with high octane sequences. Throwing a wrench in our couples blissful reconnection, a rival unanticipatedly appears. A vendetta melded with egotistical self preservation drives the motivation to track down Rick and Michonne. But this gaff just may eventually put the aggressor in a situation they didn’t bargain for because- these two together, they can do anything.

Yet while continuing their travels, Rick definitely has some making up to do. He rightly so wants to reaffirm his undying love and devotion to Michonne. Her confession that he’d been hurting her with his prior actions and words certainly making this an urgent need for the husband. Michonne accepting of Rick’s expressions of regret still is honest but allows him to help heal her heart- whenever occasions present themselves.

When existing in a world where the dead and living roam can be just as deadly, you are bound to run into new variations of both born of the environment they are forged in. These new encounters jog our memories of the power, strength and ingenuity of The Grimes’. Willing to rush into danger when others wouldn’t, they are confident they can tackle any obstacles in their way no matter the outcome. Even if the best intentions wind them up in a predicament.

From the Cascades to Alexandria, the couple will of course need to take shelter along the way. Finding four walls and a roof isn’t something they can easily pass up. It also presents another opportunity for Rick to make up to his wife. A little more time, a few creature comforts and a lighter mood set the scene for romantic recompense. But even with precautions taken, danger can arrive at your very doorstep.

And it seems that no good deed goes unpunished when Rick and Michonne find themselves in dangerous circumstances once again. Can they finally catch a break? Or will they have to create one for themselves with acquired skills, a sprinkle of  luck and perhaps a bit of fire. A posted sign from before the world fell sticks with Michonne and it may just prompt a necessary shift in trajectory.

Pour yourself a glass or two of whiskey and prepare to be on the edge of your seat for the lead into the series finale, knowing that together Rick and Michonne Grimes can make this whole damn world theirs.

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Loved the episode minus jadis/anne but her death was satisfying 🥰


King R
King R
22 mars
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Another review that leaves us excited to see this upcoming episode.

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