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SEASON FINALE Spoiler Free Review 1x06 By Joi, Kera, and Khalilah “The Last Time

Are We Crazy? Certifiable…

The heart-palpitating season finale of ‘The Ones Who Live’ promises ample action in a romance-packed conclusion to the riveting journey of a Husband and Wife in search of each other. While Rick and Michonne reunited physically early on, the following installments of the series detailed that an emotional reunion was also key to them making it home to their children. With their love resolute, not only by actions but with vows renewed at the end of episode five, we will witness their strength and courage. A combination that friend or foe recognizes for the results it will bring.

On the same page regarding their desire to deliver humanity to all, they have hatched a plan. Rick pilots the helicopter from the Wyoming jump point to a location near the CRM Cascadia base. His objective is to receive the Echelon Briefing from General Beale to understand what diabolical scheme 10% of the military is prepared to enact. Once gaining the information it will be divulged to the unaware citizens of the CRP assuming they will not stand for it even when touted as necessary for their sole survival.

Meanwhile, Michonne is to retrieve the dossier left behind by Jadis, disclosing her knowledge of Alexandria. The aim- to keep their children and community out of the murderous grasp of the CRM. Unfortunately, her stealthy undertaking requires the couple separate. They have to trust that the other can complete the tasks allowing them to continue their second honeymoon while journeying for yet another reunion- with Judith and RJ.

Preparations for the Summit are underway and soldiers clear the surrounding roads for arriving officials. An undoubtedly anxious Rick moseys, hands up, to the gates putting on the ruse of sole survivor from the helicopter crash at Greenwood. His unpredicted arrival hopefully triggering Major General Beale and Command Sgt Major Thorne to believe he’s a true believer as well.

Juxtapose, Michonne disguised in a CRM uniform and helmet complete with patches from Jadis’ regalia, jumps from a tree onto the roof of the base. Carefully sneaking onto the property slaying walkers in her path with her destination clear. Once again in full momma bear mode, she invokes the warrior in herself when the mission involves saving her children.

But this alone isn’t the only part of the operation, Michonne told Rick right in front of a dying Anne that they would end the CRM in perpetuity. In order to achieve this we later see Rick in a red striped uniform, a sign he's been promoted. His conversations with Beale and Thorne somehow believed.

A large crate of what may be explosives being transported and opened. Rick in Michonne open this crate in front of the same artillery shown in the opening sequence. Signaling the events of this series coming full circle.

Yet, something is amiss when Grimes is in an area he perhaps shouldn’t be in. A CRM soldier takes notice, and a fight ensues near the freight elevator. Leaving us wondering who emerged victorious. Michonne’s wearing of a Warrant Officers red lined livery allows her access to a conference room where a meeting divulges information that actively horrifies and surprises her. Another depravity of the CRM is right before her staggered eyes.

Even with all of the nerve-racking sequences, we are still rewarded with moments of pure Richonne bliss, with Rick and Michonne kissing passionately in the woods with their helicopter in the distance, our newlywed are ready to do anything to make it home.

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13hrs to go. You've done great with your insight into e6. 🙏🏽

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