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Updated: Apr 12



Meet Kera, a vibrant fangirl, wife, and mom with roots firmly planted in the dynamic landscape of New Jersey. From the start, Kera has stood out among her family and friends, her passions diverging into the realms of books, astrology, and photography, making her the quintessential eccentric soul.

A dreamer with aspirations akin to her literary idol, Stephen King, Kera harbors secret ambitions of penning captivating fiction. Stephen King's influence, forever etched in her heart, has propelled her on a creative journey fueled by imagination and storytelling.

In her daily life, Kera serves a noble cause as she works at a non-profit organization, offering unwavering support to the homeless population. Her compassion and commitment extend beyond the ordinary, weaving a narrative of kindness and advocacy.

At the heart of Kera's passion lies her role as co-host of the TWD The Ones Who Live podcast, where she fearlessly delves into the intricate world of The Walking Dead. Not content with just podcasting, she leaves her mark on Squawking Dead, adding her unique perspective to the discourse surrounding the series.

Kera's influence extends into the digital realm as the proud owner of The Walking Dead Universe group on Facebook, a testament to her dedication and leadership within the TWD community. Additionally, she plays pivotal roles as an admin at We ❤️ TWD and a mod for TWD/FTWD Horror Nation, showcasing her prowess in fostering vibrant online communities.

Beyond her love for the undead, Kera's creative spirit takes flight in the realm of fan fiction, adding her own twists and turns to beloved narratives. And for those seeking her insights, Kera dissects episodes of NBC's Found and Max's True Detective on YouTube, showcasing her analytical prowess and knack for unraveling mysteries.

In her spare time, she delves into the gripping world of true crime, expressing a profound love for both podcasts and TV shows. With a penchant for getting lost in rabbit holes while researching missing persons or unsolved murders, she often wonders if her true calling might have been in detective work or crime scene analysis. This fascination adds a mysterious and intriguing layer to her already dynamic personality.

In essence, Kera is not just a fan; she is a force, an advocate, a storyteller, and a pillar within the fandom, carving her unique path through the worlds she loves and shaping narratives that resonate far beyond the screen. Join her on a journey through the realms of fandom and compassion.



With a grandmother that owed J. R. R. Tolkien books in the 1940’s, it’s no surprise that her progeny would become blerds too. Whether it’s vampires, zombies, superheroes or space explorers, Joi has always rejoiced in fantasy genres. Six generations have rooted her Northern lineage in the Big Apple with Southern and Caribbean influences as well. Growing up in the city that never sleeps provided access to theater, museums and a vast array of musical selections, literature and arts to dive into.

Starting in Junior High School, penning stories to be passed along to her friends in a composition notebook became Joi’s beloved pastime. Her love of writing has since reemerged to claim its current designation as a fan fiction author. Beginning as a fashion design student then ultimately transitioning to business marketing, Joi has held positions in many fields. One of which includes contributing to Essence magazines  Circle of Sisters advice column. Yet, her love of horror, drama, history and fantasy has remained steadfast.

From its announcement, The Walking Dead had sunk its hooks into her. A weekly zombie show was unheard of, and she was all in sight unseen. It would provide more than she would know in its years besides dedicated entertainment. Supplementally, supplying Joi with her own source of excitement when visiting conventions with her daughter. Unexpectedly, its fandom forged friendships that she hopes will carry on for decades to come.

Creating and selling Richonne themed candles and appearing on episodes of Fandom Spotlite has led Joi to seeking collaboration. Her intentions are to not only dismantle harmful tropes but to open the door for Black Peoples to be included in positive ones. Traversing the manners in which we can generate and propagate our stories without diluting their full richness is the aim. A passion project this year will also be to publish her first novel in a genre, that for us, is sorely lacking -Romance.


As a native New Yorker, my daily life revolves around the 9-5 routine, but my true passion emerges in my moonlight role as a zombie apocalypse-loving nerd. I find immense joy in the world of comic books, attending conventions that bring these stories to life, and immersing myself in the fantastical realms of vampires, witches, and girls with dragons.

Beyond the fictional worlds, my focus shifts to a more critical examination of representation. I'm deeply engaged in exploring how black women are portrayed in various fandoms within TV and cinema. This involves delving into the nuances of character development, storylines, and the broader impact on popular culture.

My journey extends beyond the screen and page to our presence in real-world spaces—whether through social media or conventions. I'm fascinated by how fandoms react to the increasing influence of black women in shaping the narratives and discussions within these communities.

In my musings and explorations, my aim is twofold: to provoke deeper thoughts on representation and to highlight the positive aspects of our presence. By doing so, I contribute to the ongoing conversation about diversity, inclusion, and the lasting impact of our voices in the world of storytelling and fandom.

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